0.1-10µl ZAP Premier Micro Tips, im Rack 10x96, steril

0.1-10µl ZAP Premier Micro Tips, im Rack 10x96, steril
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Tip 0.1-10µl Universal Micro Ultrafine Tip Graduated  Filtered Racked Sterile 32mm in length ZAP™ Premier 12 racks of 96
These 10µl Ultrafine, Micro tips from Alpha Laboratories belong to the ZAP™ Premier family of Filtered Tips. The tips are 32mm in length, have a 10µl maximum fill volume, and are graduated at 2µl and 10µl. They have been manufactured from medical grade polypropylene. Each tip is designed with a chamfered top entry that enables easier tip loading with a variety of popular brand pipettes. The ultrafine tip point is non-bevelled, ensuring precise dispensing of even the tiniest amount of sample.

ZAP™ Premier Filtered Tips offer the ultimate in pipette and sample protection. They incorporate a robotically inserted, patented filter made from high molecular weight polyethylene. The filter allows the pipette to draw by venting through a tortuous sponge-like pathway. The pores in this pathway have a 10µm average size which effectively traps aerosols containing DNA, radio nucleotides and other contaminants before they reach the pipette barrel. The filter also works to protect your sample as it blocks fluid passage so that, in the event of over-pipetting, the sample will not be absorbed and can be completely dispensed without any losses.

Every lot of ZAP™ Premier Filtered Tips is tested and certified RNase, DNase, DNA, ATP and endotoxin/pyrogen free - including the filter. They are RoHS compliant ensuring no migration of additives to your precious samples. Sterilisation is by Gamma irradiation. The sterilisation process follows the ISO 11137 procedures for sterility. Furthermore, both the tips and the racks can be autoclaved 122C for 20 minutes at 15psi.

The ZAP™ Premier Filtered 10µl Ultrafine, Micro Tips are supplied as 12 racks of 96.
(-) Technische Daten:
Reg. Markenzeichen: ZAP Premier®
Nennvolumen: 10 µl
Konfektionierung: Pipettenbox
Filter vorhanden: Ja
Sterilität: Ja
Mögliche Sterilisationsverfahren: autoklavierbar bis 121°C
(-) Exportrelevante Daten:
Zolltarifnummer: 9031908590 Nicht im aktuellen Verzeichnis
Ursprungsland: Großbritannien
Transporttemperatur: 4-40°C
Lagertemperatur: 4-40°C