SpeciSafe® Transportverpackung 3 x 0,5, 1,5 od. 2,0 ml Tubes, 500 Stück

SpeciSafe® Transportverpackung 3 x 0,5, 1,5 od. 2,0 ml Tubes, 500 Stück
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Bestell-Nr.: SH1300SS SpeciSafe® Transportverpackung 3 x 0,5, 1,5 od. 2,0 ml Tubes, 500 Stück 431,80 € für 1 Verpackung zzgl. gesetzl. MwSt. (20%) zzgl. Versandkosten
für den sicheren Transport von 3 x  0.5-2.0ml Röhrchen, starres Äußeres mit saugfähiger Auskleidung gemäß UN3373 Vorschriften

These sample mailing packs are a unique packaging concept that makes Category B patient sample packaging simple and cost effective. Providing your primary container is 95 kPa compliant, they replace the secondary packaging and combine the absorbent material and rigid container within a single piece. Just add a padded envelope or bag as your outer packaging.
This 3 place mailing pack is suitable for transport of Vacutainer, Vacuette or Vacutest blood collection tubes.

Whether for medical diagnostic purposes, clinical trials or research, getting patient and other biologically hazardous samples safely from their source to the laboratory can be problematic. SpeciSafe® Packs Provide a Safe, Convenient and Economical Sample Packaging Solution. SpeciSafe replaces the secondary packaging and combines a unique, internally bonded super absorbent lining within a single piece shock-resistant container.
This can be placed directly in a padded envelope or bag, ready for posting. What’s more, the SpeciSafe pack dimensions minimise postage costs. Depending on the sample vial size they can be mailed at large letter or small parcel rates.
SpeciSafe packs are available in a range of designs to fit perfectly around commonly used 95 kPa sample vessels.

Benefits of SpeciSafe Products
Shock resistant primary container protection
Clear plastic side enables visibility of sample - easily read patient details
Gel block built in absorbency – absolutely no leaks!
Visible spillage indication protects all users
User friendly, quick and intuitive use
Compliant flat-pack design minimises postage costs

Ultra Absorbent Lining Eliminates Leakage
The unique feature of SpeciSafe packaging products is an internally bonded super absorbent lining which soaks up any leakage in seconds.
The material is so absorbent that 1m2 can soak up as much as 20 litres of liquid.
Once the lining has absorbed its maximum amount of liquid, it becomes a watertight barrier and effectively seals the SpeciSafe pack preventing any leakage from the secondary container.

The Complete Solution Off-the-Shelf or Customised for You
Alpha Laboratories can provide a complete solution for your specimen transport needs, combining SpeciSafe packaging with the primary sample containers, Mail Tuff envelopes, Biohazard bags and labelling according to the UN3373 standard.
Envelopes can even be provided with customised labels to include your required address and unique Royal Mail business reply reference. Contact us to discuss your needs and obtain a quotation.

The SH1300SS is suitable for transporting up to 3 blood serum vials or 0.5, 1.5 or 2ml microtubes
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